A Day At Clinic

These are photos of me, Jonnie, going through a day at the clinic where I go for chemotherapy.

The photos are in series. Read them from left to right.

First Jonnie waits for a blood draw in the blood lab waiting room beside bags of donated toys.
Next blood is drawn for lab analysis.
Next we are warmly greeted by Rosario, the embassadoress of love, at the clinic reception desk.
Then there's triage for temp., blood pressure,
and weight (and wait!).
Jonnie finds something to do (that he shouldn't do).
Waiting for the doctor to arrive for checkup.
Dr. Jack Quinn (Jonnie's favorite oncologist) checks up on Jonnie.
Sound check.
Jonnie's favorite nurse, Maria Lapinid, takes over.
Jonnie finally gets his Vincristine chemotherapy.
Jonnie hangs out with a new friend, Michael Miyamoto, 8 years old, who also has leukemia.


More hospital, day hospital, and clinic photos.



Jonnie with mom, Jennifer Lanners, in a hospital bed.

Jonnie is playing video games and both are watching the t.v. screen.

Hooked up in Day Hospital.
With another favorite nurse, Annie Schwartz.
Kelly, one of the excellent physicians assistants who work at CHLA Hem/Onc Clinic.
A close-up of an intravenous introduction of chemo into Jonnie's hand.